Scott Nelson
Director of Haitian Ministries
Date started : January 1, 2000
Birthdate: November 21, 1950
Birth place: Rockford, IL

What I Do  :  I serve as the Director of Haitian ministries for the Miami Baptist Association. This includes teaching and training seminars, evangelism seminars, helping to start new Haitian congregations, meeting with churches and pastors, counseling churches and pastors in crisis, writing and translating materials in French, etc.
Where I Am From  :  I have been a missionary since 1969, first in France where I worked with a team to start 3 churches (Montoban, Mureille and Perpignan) over a period of 6 years. I also pastored the First Baptist church of Perpignan for three of those years. During my 6 years in France I sang with the Joy Quartet a gospel music group that evangelized in Europe and Africa. After which God redirected my ministry to Haiti. In Haiti I was called to pastor the Eben-Ezer Baptist Church of Saint-Marc. During my tenure in Saint Marc the church witnessed amazing growth through the presence and power of God. The church grew from 350 to 1,200 in 3 years. Then God redirected my ministry to the youth. I was the director of Youth Ministries for the U.E.B.H. (Union of Evangelical Baptists in Haiti). I started the Group of twenty. Two leaders from each of the 10 districts of Haiti.
Hobbies and Interests  :  I have always had “la rage de vivre”. I have a love for God, a love for life and a love for family. I play: golf, tennis, windsurfs, and any other outdoor activities. This year I had a great time snow skiing with my children. I love to study the Word of God, prepare Bible studies and to share my faith.
Education  :  I graduated of L’Institut Biblique Baptiste de Toulouse and Luther Rice Seminary. I teach and preach in over 85 Haitian churches throughout the year.
Interesting Facts About Me  :  I have 4 wonderful children and 7 grandchildren with one on the way.
My Goals  :  I help and encourage Haitian pastors in whatever way he can. I have always had a passion for teaching. My greatest desire is to see people grow in their hunger and thirst for the word of God in order to have a more intimate relation with the Master. I have been teaching the Bible for 44 years. This also led me to found: L’Institut Biblique Logos to help Haitian leaders grow in their understanding of the Word of God.

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