Dori Nelson
Administrative Assistant Haitian Ministries
Date started : January 2001
Birthdate: June 23, 1950
Birth place: Topeka, Kansas

What I Do  :  My job is to assist the Haitian Director however I can. I translated materials into French; create flyers and power points for ministry use. Assist Haitian pastors when they come to the office and in their churches. I teach at the Sunday School Summit (Children’s) most every year and other conference events as the Lord leads. I also visit the Haitian churches regularly with my husband.
Where I Am From  :  I was born Topeka, Kansas and I attended Seward Avenue Baptist Church when I lived in Kansas.
Hobbies and Interests  :  I love to sketch. Also, I enjoy learning history and writing children’s stories.
Education  :  Shawnee Heights High School in 1968. L’Institut Biblique Baptiste de Toulouse, in Toulouse France in 1972. National Bible College - 2004
Interesting Facts About Me  :  I met and married Scott in Toulouse, France. I speak French and Creole and of course, English! I went to France before my 18th Birthday and lived in Haiti for 14 years.
My Goals  :  My goal in life is to serve the Lord in whatever way He wants I’m committed to supporting the ministry of the Haitian MBA I’ll will continue to teach and develop French materials to encourage and help the Haitian Community as needed.

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