What We Believe

The Miami Baptist Association is unique. There are no other associations like us in the United States. We are very international with two-thirds of our churches using another language, other than English in their worship service.

We have two North American Missionaries serving on staff. Plus, we have about 6 other SBC national missionaries in our churches. We have retired missionary members. We have a strong connection to mission work all over the world. Our association is known all over the world as our members travel and serve the Lord.

We have a world-wide influence that is second to none in our Convention. If the Miami Baptist Association was a state convention, we would be larger than all of our state partnerships combined (West Virginia, Indiana, and Nevada).

But it is our Baptist polity that makes us so strong. Cooperation is the key word to understand who we are as a denomination.

We do not have a hierarchy.
Nor do we have authority over anyone.
Every church is autonomous.
Every association, every state convention, and even the varied ministries are all self-governing.
We choose to fellowship together.
We choose to help each other.
We choose to join forces together to accomplish more than we could ever do on our own. Together, we can support more than 11,000 missionaries around the world. Together, we can provide for the 6 largest seminaries in the world. We make sure that we have a voice in Washington, D.C. that reflects the views of the majority of Southern Baptists.

Who Are We?

  • We are congregations representing 14 different ethnic groups worshipping in 10 different languages.
  • We are a group of over 300 Southern Baptist Churches ministering in Dade County.
  • We are congregations who assemble to worship in church buildings, schools, stores, theatres and homes.

Why Do We Minister?

  • To facilitate mutual encouragement and cooperation in fulfilling the Great Commission of Jesus Christ.
  • To become spiritually awakened churches encouaging, supporting, assisting one another for the honor and glory of God.

What is the Association Doing?

  • Ministry to the Community through local church food and clothing crisis programs
  • Providing financial counseling and assistance to our churches seeking to purchase real estate and build buildings in Dade County
  • Giving leadership to pastor-less churches searching for qualified pastors
  • Representing Florida Baptist Convention and Southern Baptist Convention to Dade County
  • Living Water Care Centers-Caring for the physical (medical & dental), emotional, social and spiritual needs of all people. The clinics are located at 3610 SW 48 Avenue, Pembroke Park (South Clinic) and 1039 NE 3 Avenue, Ft. Lauderdale (North Clinic).
  • Port Everglades, Seafarers House-Ministering to men and women from over 189 countries who work on the cruise & cargo ships.
  • Baptist Collegiate Ministries-working with students at a number of our community colleges and Universities to provide and avenue of Spiritual growth during their college years.

7855 SW 104th Street, Suite 210 | Miami, FL 33156
t: 305-271-5600 | f: 305-271-3530

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