Baptist  Harmony:

Making  Missional  Music

 in Miami

A symphony orchestra uses many instruments, producing various different notes that come together creating beautiful sounds.  The sound is full, deep, exciting, entertaining, and captivating.  Yet, individually, these instruments make good sounds – but oh, what beautiful music they make when playing together for the glory of God.  This is my analogy for Baptist church ministries in Miami.  We do so much more together than we could ever accomplish on our own.  We have some loud and strong churches, like a tuba or drums.  But we have other churches, perhaps, like a clarinet or flute.  Your church may take center stage and be the first violin for a time, but then rest while others are taking the lead.  But together, we can make beautiful musical ministry and missions happen in Miami. 

Each of our Miami Baptist churches worship Jesus and studies God’s Word.  Week after week, your church operates with a pastor that you have chosen, and is lead by people of God that believe Jesus is the answer.  Your church does a variety of mission work and ministry that pertains to your specific situation and location where the Lord has placed you.  Every church has value and ministry.

When we join our efforts together, we expand the Kingdom of God by planting new churches throughout Miami-Dade County.  There are more than two million lost people in our county, so there is no need to be competitive.  In fact, if every Bible-believing church in Miami-Dade County was full and overflowing, having at least two services on Sunday morning, we still would only reach about 25% of our County.  We need to multiply the number of places where people can gather together to worship and study the Word.  It’s okay to have a congregation of 25 people meeting in an apartment complex, when they are worshiping, studying the Bible, and focused on Jesus.  Those 25 people may not feel comfortable in a church building with a structured service, just like the people who would not think it is appropriate to be in the apartment complex.  We need everyone.

Joining our forces, we have seen Baptist Hospital come alive and now is Baptist Health South Florida. This is the largest non-government employer in Miami-Dade County.  That came from us, and is still full of Baptist leadership.  You know our Florida Baptist entities are strong in Miami-Dade County with the Children’s Home, Seminary Extension, and the Urban Impact Center.  Together we have seen the Good News Care Center become one of the strongest free medical clinics in the country.  This happens because we are united in our efforts.

Some individual churches have excellent ministries in Christian education.  We have some churches with very good medical ministries.  We have churches that do awesome mission trips and support overseas work.  We are very active in jail ministries, and other chaplaincies.  Yet, when we come together, we see these efforts increase enormously.  We also maintain regular seminars and conferences training pastors and leaders in our churches.  Beautiful music resonates when we have partnered together on International mission trips, helping in Cuba, Haiti relief, and other parts of the world.  We are training pastors and church leaders that are new in the United States.  Many of these will go out from us, but representing Miami Baptists all over the world.

We are not in competition with each other.  We are on the same team, in the same band, and making beautiful missional music in Miami.  My challenge to each church is to become active with your instrument-church.  God has placed you here, in Miami to work together with all of us who have the same conviction of making Followers of Christ.  Share your music: your gifts, talents, and abilities.  Allow God to shine through you, as well as others that are part of your team.  Become an active member of the Miami Baptist Association.



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