Where do Miami Baptists meet for worship?


We have tried to find all of our congregations, which is a task.  Our association stays on the move, and some times it is difficult to find our people.  Here is a little sample of where are people meet on Sundays to worship.  Out of approximately, 300 congregations, only 102 have their own building.  That means 1/3 of our association have to find other places to worship.  Some are like nomads that you have to call the pastor to find out where they will be on Sunday.  That may sound funny, but in an urban setting as we have, it is a trend that we all deal with.

 At least 90 of our congregations meet in a storefront / warehouse type of location.  We have churches meeting in shopping centers, hotels, office complexes, dance studios etc.  Actually, these locations are not a detriment.  People can worship the Lord, and study the Word of God in many kinds of locations.  Over the years, we have had groups meet in theatres, night clubs, and other unusual places.  The difficulty is having a place that people can leave their own equipment.  One nuisance in borrowing space is transporting and setting up equipment each week.  Ask the 6 congregations that meet in schools.  They struggle with set up more than anything else.  By the time you are ready to worship, the set up team is ready to rest.

 We have at least 44 congregations that meet in a home or apartment.  These congregations are a stand alone type of church.  This is not a cell group of a larger church.  These churches have a pastor, leaders, and meet each week in a home.  We have 40 congregations that meet in another church that is not their own.  Some of these churches pay rent to the sponsoring church.  Some rent from other denominations. 


 This is just another ingredient that makes the Miami Baptist Association unique.  However, it is important when driving around town.  We have more than 50,000 members in more than 300 congregations.  But we are not as visible as you might think.  We have churches that meet on Sunday morning that bring out directional signs for people to follow.  But after church, they take their signs down, and you do not know where they were located.


Of course, we are to be in prayer. The church should be in prayer. People should pray personally and corporately as a congregation. We do not need to mention this every time someone prays publicly, but it should be included where people know it is a major prayer request. It is not unusual for a church to be without a pastor for a year or more. The focus of the congregation should not be finding a pastor. The church needs to be about regular activities, evangelism, missions, etc. However, mentioning the search in prayer is good to keep the church going in the same direction.


Now, as a member of a Pastor Search Committee, I suggest that you pray over every resume you receive. It is very easy to put half of the mountain of resumes over to the ‘not interested’ pile. Yet, you need to be cautious. Pray over each resume. Let God speak to you, as you scan the stack of resumes...To read more, Click Here.


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