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Voici quelques photos, si vous n'y étez pas vous avez raté une grande bénédiction!

Les pasteurs ont paticipé avec joie.

Les bénédictions pour les frères de demeurer ensemble! Pasteur Jules










 Le choral









Groupe d'homme











Communion Fratérnelle






Les nouveaux membres: Pasteur Ernst Dominique reçoit sa première fille Johanna et 9 membres nouveaux.








Rev. David Eugene




Banquet 2010



LE 6-11 JUILLET  2011


Dear friends in Christ,

God is at work all the time but sometimes we get to see Him doing something special. That is what we see happening in the Dominican Republic (DR) among the Haitian people who have fled there. Spiritual hunger for the word of God is driving many to the 5 center that have now been opened there to study the Bible. Logos is a Bible School whose goal is to train lay leaders wherever they are. A couple of years ago we had the privilege of going to the DR to help with a few of the churches at the first annual Haitian congress.  Pastor Scott left a series of books and DVD’s from the school there with the missionary, Carlos Llambes. For a long while the locker of books just sat in the room where we left them. As Carlos was praying about how he could help the Haitians coming to his country, the Lord asked, “What do you have?” He thought of the books and tried them.

The people responded. He thought he would find 10 or 15 people interested in taking classes to his astonishment there are now 5 centers with over 200 students. People are hungry to know the Word of God.  The students there have very limited resources, but it still costs us something to print the books and the DVD’s to be used. It is important for the students to have the books so they can do the homework so we can evaluate what they are learning.                                                                                           

We would like to ask you to pray for the students and also to consider giving so that we can cover the expenses to start the centers: on the back page you can see all the materials each center needs (30 books, 90 DVDs and notes with homework and test keys, plus a projector and DVD player.) The retail price of all that would be over $2,000 but we believe that we can make it happen for less than ½ that amount. You can also support a student for just $66.00 a year. Imagine you can send a student to Bible school with all the materials that he needs for less than $ .20 a day. Or maybe God would lay on your heart or that of your church to provide a DVD player projector so an entire class can see and hear the lesson together in Creole.

UPDATE: There a now 8 centers in the DR, 6 in Haiti and 1 in the Bahamas. In order to keep up we need a dedicated printer in our office for this work. Please pray that God will provided the funds to pay for this printer so we can provide inexpensive materials to those who live where literature and training in their language is difficult to find at best.

Thank you for praying. We will be leading a mission’s trip to the Dominican Republic July 6-11, 2011.

God bless!

Scott & Dori Nelson



Nouveau Sancutaire de

Elim Baptiste Church.






Bethel Baptist Church servi un petit déjeuner merveilleux père jours pour les pères présents. La mère de pasteur Bouchard a dit une prière pour tous les pères les là-bas

Bethel Baptist Church served a wonderful father day breakfast for the fathers' present. Pastor Boucard's mom said a prayer for all the fathers there

Haitian Emanuel Baptist Church



Sunday July 14, 2013



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